Thoroughbred Syndicate Strategy

"Being an owner of a thoroughbred racehorse
is the thrill of a lifetime, win or lose"

A Winning Thoroughbred Partnership Model

Blinkers On purchases young thoroughbreds, primarily yearlings and 2-year-olds, being sold at auctions across the U.S. Our thoroughbred buyers, Greg Gilchrist, Brain Koriner and Jeff Bonde inspect thousands of horses from March to October. After detailed evaluation of conformation, pedigree and athleticism, a handful of horses are considered. At auction, the horses offering the best value are purchased, generally in the range of $30,000 to $200,000. These horses are expected to compete at the highest levels of racing.

The horses are then sent to the track where the Blinkers On trainers begin the intensive process of preparing them for a successful racing career. When the training has reached the point where our team feels they are “ready to win,” they are entered to compete at a major racing venue in California. From this point on, Blinkers On has two major goals: Financial prosperity for our partners and the horses' welfare.


"Being an owner of a thoroughbred racehorse is the thrill of a lifetime, win or lose. I've been lucky enough to win races at the highest levels, G1 stakes races. 

Blinkers On Racing Stable provides a model for how to purchase top level 2 year olds for their partners. Blinkers On has refined this model of purchasing racehorses and rarely deviates from it. 

It's a proven and successful formula that has worked for them and it is something as an owner that I can rely on and trust."
~ Dave A. California