Horse Racing Partnership FAQ's

Ten Most Frequently Asked Questions About Horse Racing Partnerships

If you are thinking about how to get into horse racing and have considered owning a thoroughbred horse with Blinkers On, here are frequently asked questions including the most commonly asked question, "How much do racehorses cost?".

    What is the average cost of a racehorse?

    A five percent share of one of our thoroughbreds will usually be in the two to fifteen thousand dollar range plus expenses.

    What is the ongoing cost of racehorse ownership?

    You are responsible for your pro rata share of horse related expenses. Expenses are billed quarterly in advance then reconciled at the end of the quarter. Currently our quarterly expense estimate is $600.00 - $700.00 for a five percent share.

    What are horse racing partnership costs and fees?

    Blinkers On horses include a mark-up and the gross margin calculation is based on the size/number of shares purchased. Blinkers On collects 8% of the purse earnings. Blinkers On collects 10% of the profit if the horse is sold at a profit.

    How can I earn money owning a racehorse?

    Partners earn money from the horses purse earnings, or if the horse is sold privately for a profit.

    What kind of horses are being offered?

    Most horses offered are yearlings and 2-year olds purchased at auction. Our intent is to purchase horses that will run at the allowance or stakes level.

    Where will the horses race?

    Our stable is based in Northern and Southern California. Primarily our horses run at Santa Anita Park, Del Mar and Golden Gate Fields.

    When will the horses be ready to run?

    Typically the horses will make their first start in the summer or fall of their 2-Year Old year. Like human athletes some may take longer to develop.

    Who trains your racehorses?

    Mike Puype, Brian Koriner, Jeff Bonde and Steve Sherman are our trainers. Greg Gilchrist, Brian Koriner and Jeff Bonde are responsible for picking the out young talent at the sales.

    Who is responsible for making decisions regarding the horse?

    Our trainer is responsible for the training and the horse's welfare. The trainer and Blinkers On make the day to day racing decisions and as a General Partner you will vote on major decisions. As an example, selling the horse.

    What are the benefits of owning racehorses as a Blinkers On Partner?

    As a licensed owner you will have the opportunity to watch morning workouts, tour the stable and speak with the trainer and jockeys. You will also have free admission, paddock privileges and with a little luck... visit the winners circle.

    How do I become a racehorse owner with Blinkers On Racing Stable?

    First you need to contact us. You can call 1-888-TO-RACE-NOW or send an email to [email protected] We will then be able to answer any further questions, review the individual horses in more detail and if you're ready, discuss the process of getting started.

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