Horse Racing Partnership Opportunities

"A Blinkers On Horse Racing Partnership is a general partnership and not an LLC. This means each member is listed as an owner on the horse, has an owners’ license and has all the benefits of having that license such as track and backstretch access etc. We started with Blinkers On with one horse and are now partners on two more. It’s been an experience of a lifetime. There have been many thrilling afternoons at the track and we have made some great friends all thanks to Blinkers On. "
~ Bob B. Colorado

“The world broke over Santa Anita…men and women hurled their hats in the air, poured onto the track, drummed on the rails, and slapped one another on the back. Hundreds of spectators were weeping with joy…he walked Seabiscuit through the masses of shouting fans to the winner's circle. The horse was strutting like a prizefighter. 
~ From Seabiscuit by Laura Hillenbrand

The Opportunity

Nothing compares to the thrill of victory! Through our investor program, you could experience a rush that no words can adequately describe as you watch your horse cross the finish line first, then dash to the winner's circle for your photo. Blinkers On Racing Stable offers you the opportunity to participate in this exhilarating world at a reasonable cost. At Blinkers On we like to say, “all the thrills without all the bills.” Blinkers On typically sells 5% and 10% shares, enabling investors to diversify by purchasing shares of multiple horses. This reduces risk and increases each individual's chance of owning a champion. Blinkers On handles all of the details, from the day-to-day management decisions to the financial reports. We make it easy to be in the greatest game in the world!

The Blinkers On Commitment

At Blinkers On we guarantee to do everything in our power to purchase the fastest young horses we can find at reasonable prices, and apply our proven training model and industry knowledge to position these horses to win. Throughout this process, we are dedicated to keeping the lines of communication open so that every investor is fully apprised of his or her horse's status. Finally, Blinkers On owns a percentage of every horse we sell. Having “skin in the game” makes our commitment to winning second to none.

The Privileges

As a Blinkers On investor you will become an insider in all aspects of world class thoroughbred racing, from the “backside”, to with good fortune, the winner's circle. You will have access to morning workouts and the stable area so that you can see first hand how your horse progresses under the expert guidance of our training team. On race day, as a licensed owner, you will have free admission, paddock privileges and an opportunity to meet and greet the trainer and jockeys. Then, if your horse wins, you will feel the unmatched thrill of walking up to the winner's circle for a photograph.

In addition, you will have access to a password protected private partner section on our website. Here you will get constant updates on your horse including a workout recap, upcoming racing plans and every other detail on your horse. Blinkers On's staff will also keep you updated on your horse's activities via email and will, of course, be available by phone to answer any questions you may have.