Why Horse Racing Partnerships?

Few will argue that the thrill of owning part of a winning thoroughbred is no different than that of sole race horse ownership. And, there is little doubt the lower costs of owning a horse in Partnership allow many first time owners an economical entry in to the business. In addition Horse Racing Partnerships are a great way to reduce risk by owning smaller shares in multiple horses, similar to a mutual fund. And, Partnerships, also called Horse Racing Syndicates, provide the professional management necessary to own and race a thoroughbred. So, how do you select the right Partnership for you?


Some important questions need to be answered before deciding on the right Horse Racing Partnership. Hopefully you can speak directly to the Managing Partner to get comfortable after reviewing all of the Partnership’s information commonly found on their website or available my mail. We suggest you understand the philosophies of the Partnership and be sure they are consistent with yours. Partnerships can vary greatly with respect to cost and the goals of the Partnership. There are inexpensive claiming Partnerships mostly “just for fun” and Partnerships that look to win the higher caliber races and strive to make a profit. Size of the Partnership and geographic location is also a consideration. We recommend you understand how finances are handled, how decisions are made and by whom and how does management communicate information and discuss strategies. Know what type of entity is used and review the Partnership Agreement. And, most importantly, be sure you are dealing with an established Partnership with a proven track record. Assess the expertise of the team and get references. The Managing Partner, trainer, bloodstock advisor and veterinarians are keys to your success!


Blinkers On Racing Stable, a leader in thoroughbred horse racing partnerships, brings together the finest in thoroughbred horse racing expertise with the best in business know-how, and above all, a team of people you can trust, to manage your investment. We are committed to helping you experience the joys of thoroughbred horse ownership. Blinkers On horses have been winning races at every major racetrack in California since 2006 including Stakes Races on both the Northern and Southern California circuits. In addition to the thrill of participating in the highest level of horse racing…. as a Blinkers On investor you’ll have access to morning workouts and the stable area. As a licensed owner, you will have free admission, paddock privileges and an opportunity to meet and greet the trainer and jockeys. And, if your horse wins, you’ll feel the unmatched thrill of walking up to the winner’s circle for a photograph.

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